What’s SWAY?

In the dictionary “sway” is defined as “persuasion or influence over somebody or something” but in the world of professional sports it is all that and more. That “somebody” is your teammates, your organization and those that follow the show. That “something” is the sport that makes you and them great. Sway is an attitude – an unshakable confidence in your game and your manner, on and off the playing surface – wherever that might be. It inspires as an uncompromising determination that maps a road to success and provides the will to walk the way. It is in everything you do and it is part of the fuel that burns in the drive to reach your goals, which is always important in a world where champions rule the day. That’s SWAY.


With those unflappable words enters SWAYsports.ca with a mission and a statement to carry out its service of providing exciting and exclusive sports news with all the fervor of our definition of SWAY. With a commitment to delivering original sports content and a dedication to exploring new and creative ways to present it to you, SWAY Sports represents a pledge to sports fans everywhere.


“Our bread and butter is the NBA and basketball,” says Director and Editor-in-Chief Darren Andrade, who has covered the NBA, College and high school basketball for nearly ten years. “At the same time we also realize that basketball fans are sports fans too. As we grow we hope to develop our coverage of other sports.”


In the past three years SWAY Sports has covered MLS soccer and mixed martial arts (MMA) and has plans to follow the BMX circuit as well.


“We know how grassroots basketball started,” continues Andrade. “We see these sports as on the rise and deserving of coverage. That said, anybody that knows SWAY knows that we start and end with big time basketball.”


SWAY Sports and its cast of journalists and producers have been contributing to the sports landscape for the past several years, building a strong foundation of contributions to television, print, film and the world wide web. Moving from that footprint, with league-embedded writers and talent, SWAY’s aim is to remain a reliable source of sports and sports lifestyle news through its continuing pursuit of original and intriguing content in the world of basketball and beyond.